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Manufacturing and Reconditioning

                                                                                 Manufacturing and Reconditioning Services



We manufacture complete  range of  tools for catering your all hole making application.

  1. Mere machine do not contribute to your tool life but the  raw material of tool (Carbide),  Tool geometry, coating as a whole package gives you optimum tool    life. We at AIM Global Solutions ensure you, genuine carbide from renowned sources as per your application requirement, edge preparation and the best coatings as required for your application.
  2. We name RECONDITIONING of tools rather than regrinding as we manage to reach tool life as good as life of  your original /new tool *.
  3. Customers gets optimum tool life after reconditioning as utmost care is taken to regrind the tool as per its original geometry, Edge preparation, latest BALINITR coatings from Oerlikon Balzers Coating India Pvt Ltd.
  4. Every tool is inspected on process and off process by high resolution optics image magnification.